Kids Invent

Young Inventors' Gadgetorium

Each year we select a few of our favorite student projects to be showcased in our exhibits. These are projects that have been built by students in our Invention Programs that happen onsite in our very own student workshop. These students participated in either our Summer Science Camp or Inventors Club.


Conductivity Tester

Timothy's Conductivity Tester: "This is one way lie detectors work. Lying makes you sweat more, and sweat helps your skin conduct electricity."


DalekTardis and Dalek

Mae and Lexi's TARDIS and Dalek: "Someday we would like to make a full-size TARDIS that zooms around the time vortex and then returns to the exact time it left!"

Scout's Stinger: "I got my idea from shooting rubber bands with my hands while I was thinking."

Door Alarm


Isabelle's Bedroom Door Alarm: "I always wanted an alarm for my room so I’d know if someone was coming in."


Sound Car

Eric's Sound Car: "I made the car so that different frequencies (pitches) move it in different directions."

Laser Light Display

Hunter’s Laser Light Display Box – “My laser light display is for when you want to have a bit of a light show in the dark. It reflects a laser through a disk that rotates.”

4x7 Display

Jackson’s 7-Segment Display Controller – “I wanted to be able to easily write words on an electronic display. I made four seven-segment displays wired to DIP switches. Each one of them is wired to a segment on the display. When a switch is pulled the corresponding segment is turned on.”



Katherine’s Keepsake Safe – “I wanted to make a jewelry container that would have a lock. To open it, first you turn the switches to the correct placement. Then you push the big switch up or down and press the red button.”