Summer Camp Staff



Last summer we had a great team leading summer camps and we plan to bring many of them back for 2017. A nice mix of seasoned educators and new counselors. We even have some counselor who were once campers themselves back in the day. Shout out to Mike of Twin Birch Studios for the great, fun staff photos again this year.



I’ve been working at the Bakken for 8 years, so this will be my 9th summer camp here. As an undergraduate I majored in astronomy at the U of M, and science has always been something I love. When I’m not at work I do things like climb, dance, and play music, but when I’m here, the thing that I enjoy most about teaching at these camps is seeing all the amazing projects that kids come up with and build.



I am a physics and geoscience double major at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. I compete on Colby's cross country ski team as well as the crew team. This is my first summer working at the Bakken. I am interested in astronomy, and I enjoy reading, spending time outside, and traveling.



Ashley is a senior educator at the Bakken Museum and is joining us for her second summer camp. she attended Iowa State University where she majored in Genetics and a Math minor. She has taught middle school science for 6 years. When not working she enjoys biking, camping, traveling and cooking.



I am an educator at The Bakken and have been for two years now...But this is the first time I've gotten to be a part of the summer camps! I can't wait to meet the kids, can't wait to get started, can't wait to tell them all my dumb jokes.



My name is Elaine Rock, and I am very excited to be starting my first summer at the Bakken! I recently graduated from Carleton with a degree in geology, and in my free time I like to ski, camp and play ultimate frisbee. My favorite thing about the summer program here is watching kids engage in the hands-on learning experiences that are provided here.



This being my first year working with the Bakken, I'm very excited to see what all the children want to build. I got this opportunity through my high school robotics team, where we learn how use many different power tools.



Jonathan is a recent graduate of Macalester College. Over the last year he has worked as a Bakken Outreach Educator and is excited to teach his first summer camp. When not teaching and/or learning about science and electricity, Jonathan likes to read, make jokes and play basketball.



Justin has been leading summer camps with The Bakken for more than a decade. He has also worked as a high school physics and electronics teacher since graduating from the University of Minnesota with a physics degree. He enjoys getting up early and walking his dog Monster before coming in to the museum to share his enthusiasm for science and joy of making with the campers.



Hello! I am Kelsey and am excited to be returning for my fourth year as a summer camp counselor with The Bakken. I have had the pleasure of working for several educational non-profit organizations over the years, but thank my passion for teaching and learning to my summer's spent with The Bakken. When I am not inspiring youth to create cool things, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing board games and cooking.



This is my first year of summer camp here at the Bakken and I am beyond excited! I attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in pre-nursing (I will be applying for nursing school this year!). However, when I'm not at the Bakken I enjoy going to see movies at the theatre, running, and hanging out with my friends!



I have been a museum professional most of my adult life. I am returning for my second season of Bakken summer camp. My family includes my lovely wife, Eliza our five-year old daughter, and our cockapoo Archie. I enjoy running, cooking, flying kites, and photography. This summer, along with teaching camps.



Nate has been working at the Bakken for over 10 years. He was a theatre teacher before joining the Bakken staff, and still enjoys using creativity and arts to explore science. He also enjoys volleyball, bicycling, walking around the lakes, and sleeping.



Hi! My name is Nina and this is my first summer working at the Bakken as a camp counselor! In previous years, I've volunteered here and worked on other projects. I'm going into my senior year in high school and when I'm not busy or sleeping, I enjoy baking and playing piano!



This is my first summer as a camp counselor, but I have both attended and volunteered at Bakken camps in the past. I am currently studying physics at Lawrence University and am excited to share my passion for science with others. When I'm not at the Bakken I can be found reading, skiing, geocaching, or tinkering in my garage.



I am new to the Bakken staff and am super excited to start as a summer camp counselor. In the fall I will begin my sophomore year at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities studying Materials Science Engineering. In my free time I enjoy playing softball, doing puppetry, and knitting. This summer, I'm looking forward to seeing all the unique stuff that the kids invent.


My name is Stefan and I am a triplet from southwest Minneapolis and I LOVE to tinker with things! In my free time I like to go rock climbing, taking pictures and making video, or riding/fixing just about anything on two wheels! I love helping people of all ages understand the wonderful world of science and engineering. I am currently studying Mechanical engineering at University of Minnesota Duluth, and an active member in the award winning Bulldog Rocketry Club.