Summer Camp Comments


Here is what past students and parents had to say about their camp experience at The Bakken


What experiences did your child share with you about camp?

·         He said it was great, never a dull moment!

·         Having intelligent conversation with similarly interested future scientists.

·         High involvement of teachers.  High teacher ratio.


What was your child's favorite part of camp?

·         Mary stated that she loved meeting the other kids who could have interesting conversations.

·         The Science!  She would say randomly, 'I love science!'

·         Excited to use tools she had not used before.

What would you like to see done differently?  What other suggestions do you have?

·         Continue the great work of nurturing young minds.

·         This camp has really helped spark an interest in science in my daughter - I'm so excited for her!

·         It was great!  Clara's favorite this summer.

Any other comments or testimonials you would like to share?

·         The realization that he too can become a scientist.

·         Our children truly enjoyed the Bakken Summer Camp program - they were verbalizing their desire to return next year (even before their initial summer camp session was completed)!  Way to go!

·         This was exceptional.

·         Fantastic camp!!  We'll be back next year!

·         Thank you for doing this for girls!