General Information

Where does an Outreach Program take place?
For our Outreach Programs, our educators will come to your school or event location--no need for buses!

What are the space requirements?
Workshops are usually taught in classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, or a comparable type of space.  Certain workshops require tables for students to work at while others do not; this will be discussed when you set up your programs.  All workshops require a table for our educators’ equipment.

For our assembly programs, we require a 10’x 20’x10’ area to use as a stage with enough space for students to comfortably sit on the floor as the audience.  Most places choose to use their gym or cafeteria to host assemblies, though in certain cases a large, mostly empty classroom may be a possibility.  It’s also best to use spaces where it is easy to turn the lights on and off and that do not have an abundance of natural light as some of our demonstrations are more impressive in the dark.

How much set up time is needed before and after programs?
For workshops, educators will generally arrive about 15 minutes before the start time and will need 5-10 minutes in the classroom before and after to set up and put away equipment.  For assemblies, we require 30-45 minutes in the performance space to set up our equipment and 30 minutes to take it down.  We can do our set up and take down while other things are happening  in the space (lunch or gym class, for example); however, it’s important that we are able to set up in the 10’ x 20’ x 10’ area where we will ultimately perform and that our equipment is given a wide berth – we get very nervous when dodgeball is the gym activity of the day!

Do teachers/adults need to be present during your programs?
We do require that classroom teachers stay with their students during our programs in case a student becomes ill or overly disruptive.  Non-school programs should also have an appropriate number of adults present.

Are you able to be flexible with your audience age range or size limits?
The educational objectives of our programs are designed with specific age ranges in mind; consequently, students outside the specified range may not benefit from the program in the way it was intended.  Similarly, size limits are set because of the interactive nature of our programs, the amount of materials we bring along, and/or audience visibility, and a larger group means we may not be able to meet the students needs in the same way.  However, if you are concerned or have questions about our audience guidelines, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

How far are you willing to travel?
We will always travel to schools anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro Area.  We are willing to travel further, but programs requiring more travel are subject to scheduling availability and an additional mileage fee.

How do I schedule a program?
Contact Anika Taylor, Outreach Coordinator at 612-926-3878 x 203 or you may send an e-mail to  It is helpful to have an idea of what program you are interested in and generally when you would like to schedule it.  We prefer our programs to be concentrated in the morning (8-11:30am), afternoon (12:45-4:00pm), or evening (5:00-8:30pm) rather than spanning across the day, but we understand that school schedules can be challenging and we will work to find a schedule that best meets everyone’s needs.