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Perfect for family or youth events outside of the school day, these programs bring to entertainment and education for all ages.

Static Electricity

A Bakken Museum educator will lead your students through a number of experiments where they will get to experience static electricity first hand. This engaging and energizing presentation has a hands-on focus allowing students to learn about electricity by experiencing its effects, asking questions, and creating their own experiments to try, leaving the students excited to learn more about science.

Static Table Demonstrations

Give students and parents alike an opportunity to experience hands-on static experiments at your event! A Bakken Museum educator will bring a static electricity and several of our most popular hands-on experiments to share with people as they stop by our demonstration table. Perfect for science fairs, family nights, and community events.

  • Schedule: 30 or 60 minute performance, hourly table demonstrations
  • Audience: Families/Mixed Ages, up to 150 people
  • Fees: 30 Minute Program: $120/first workshop; $60/additional workshop
  • 60 Minute Program: $200/first workshop; $100/additional workshop
  • Static Table Demonstrations: $20 set up + $30/hour
  • Registration: Contact Anika Taylor, Outreach Coordinator at 61.-926.3878 ext. 203, or via e-mail at

Shocking News About Your Heart

This fun-filled and educational, interactive presentation is designed for both children and adults. The show uses audience participation and demonstrations as well as some wacky historical characters to teach the audience about the electrical nature of the body and the cardiac chain of survival, the steps to help someone suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

War of the Currents

Students will learn about electrical generation, transmission, and conservation through the story of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla and their historic debate over Alternating Current versus Direct Current told in an engaging and interactive way. This presentation empowers students to think about how they can help solve the energy challenges we face today.

  • Schedule: 30–45 minute performance, flexible
  • Audience: Families/Mixed Ages, up to 300 people (not recommended for very young audiences)
  • Fees: $400/first performance; $200/additional performance on same day
  • Registration: Contact Anika Taylor, Outreach Coordinator at 61.-926.3878 ext. 203, or via e-mail at