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Phone Fax Address
612.926.3878 612.927.7265

The Bakken Museum
3537 Zenith Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55416-4623

David Rhees
Executive Director

Susan Taple
Deputy Director for Administration

Kelly Finnerty
Deputy Director for Programs

Kathy Eischens
Finance Manager

Kristen Aeikens
Executive Assistant


External Relations

John Pawloski
Director of Community Engagement

Phil Borreson
Communications Coordinator

Bruce Challgren
Media Specialist

John Czyscon
Development Manager





Steven Walvig
Director of Education

Beth Murphy
Director of Special Projects

Danni Dancer
Family & Community Programs Manager

Bekki Rezabek
K-12 Program Manager

Justin Spencer
Youth Development Program Manager

Anika Taylor
Outreach Programs Manager

Bryan Grosso
Outrach Program Coordinator

Carolyn Lavold
K-12 Program Coordinator

Nathan Meyer
Community Program Coordinator

André Phillips
Invention Program Coordinator

Becca Hart

Rebecca Inver

Mike Levad

Jen Scott

Ashley Siljenberg

Betsy Stretch
Teacher In Residence

Shana York
Jane Lonnquist










Chris Lundeen
Facilities Superintendent

Nancy Beekman
Facilities Staff

Sarah Beekman
Facilities Staff

Andew Campbell
Facilities Staff


Collections and Exhibits

Juliet Burba
Chief Curator

Adrian Fischer
Assistant Curator

Rachel Howell
Curator of Books

Julie Govert
Exhibit Developer



Visitor Services

Bonnie Esposito

Donna Martinson

Jim Degner